"Power Play" - Anna Jennings Super Novel #3

COMING JULY 22, 2017!

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"Power Shift" - Anna Jennings Super Novel #2

Mysterious trips out of town, a strange encounter with a naked guy and a possible werewolf attack ...

After a month-long hiatus from super villains, Anna Jennings' life is finally regaining some sense of normalcy. One would assume that after her latest near death experience, she'd know better than to let her guard down too quickly. But as Anna is about to learn, complacency only leads to trouble.

Evidently, March is the month for nudity in the world of superheroes. In the past week alone, Anna has seen more nipples and chest hair than she's seen in her entire life, and not the good kind. Things only get stranger for Anna when her sidekick Carl is bitten by what may or may not be a werewolf. Now she has to help him prepare for the full moon, attempt to find time to spend with her sexy boy toy and avoid a plethora of random wannabe nudists, all while battling an invisible villain set out to destroy her superhero friends.

Sounds easy, right? Well, no one ever said you need super powers to save the day.

"Power Surge" - Anna Jennings Super Novel #1

Anna Jennings is no superhero. In fact, had you asked her about superheroes a week ago, she would have called you crazy. She believes in routine, working hard and playing harder.

But that all changed one night when she and her wayward sidekick Carl discovered several of her co-workers engaged in some decidedly non-run-of-the-mill human activities.

Now her life is in a whirlwind as she finds herself caught up in the superhero world of her super-sexy boss and her long time crush as they battle the evil Captain Zinger (yes, really).

Will Anna find a way to save her superheroes (even with the disastrous help of the spandex-loving Carl), her sanity, her new found love, and - oh yeah - the world?

"Gift Wrapped"

A delightful collection of Christmas stories from the romance, detective story, mystery, and slightly paranormal genres. Twelve talented authors have created a different story for each of the twelve days of Christmas. Get cozy, curl up, and get lost in the season.

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